Image of a Long Island duck.
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Welcome to Long Island Hikes!


This is a site for the causal hiker who enjoys walking, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Long Island.

We're not snobs here.  We don't expect you to have the latest equipment or to be experts at orienteering or backpacking.  You just have to like to walk!

Living, as we do, enveloped by suburban sprawl, it's easy to overlook the natural beauty that's all around us.  Fortunately, there are still many areas of undeveloped preserves and beaches, waiting to be explored.

This site is intended to help you find those areas and to share your photos and advice about them with others.

The paths listed here are by no means all that are available.  This site will always be a work in progress.  We'll be adding more as fast as we are able.  In the meantime, we would love to hear from you about your recommendations for other paths!  If you let us, we'll be glad to consider posting your photos.

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Check out the trails!

More will be coming soon, so please come back.

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