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Makamah Preserve


Makamah Preserve is a small but pleasant nature preserve off 25A in Northport, just south of Crab Meadow.

It's great for a short walk with the family.  My favorite part is a small, swampy lake near the entrance on Makamah Road.

There's a trailhead on 25A, but in my experience the path from there is usually overgrown.  A better way to enter is to drive left on Makamah Road (off 25A).  After a few minutes, you'll come to a small entrance on the left.  You can park on the road.

There are several paths in the preserve, none of them too long. 


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A Short Trail in Makamah Preserve

Here's a pleasant, 2 mile loop that should take no more than an hour or so.  It starts at the entrance on Makamah Road.  (This was recorded with Motion X on my iPhone.)




Photos of Makamah Preserve


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5 Responses to “Makamah Preserve”

  1. Hey thanks a lot. Very informative. We live in Ft Salonga and I’ve been wanting to take this hike for a while. Perhaps today is the day.
    Nice site. Any other good suggestions?

  2. Jason says:

    Thanks Richard. I was just at Makamah yesterday, with my daughter. We had a great time!

    I’ll be adding more trails soon.


  3. Helen Dara says:

    How can we get the motorized dirt bikes and atv’s to stay out. This really irks me because Makamah is my home away from home. The noise they make are probably making the deer scared, I know it scares me! I wish we had police on horseback patrol on weekends. I was there at 2:30pm today, Veterans Day and the bikes were roaring!

  4. Jerry Arthur says:

    Thanks for this site. It looks like a beautiful little preserve. We are relocating to Northport area and are thinking about buying in Colony Club. Being located close Makamah is attractive and similar to where are now. But if it is overrun with dirt bikers we will probably take a pass. Is legal for motorized vehicles to operate in a preserve?

  5. Fred Schober says:

    Any plans for including the other trails (orange, yellow, and any others) into the map? This is a great little hiking area, it is very peaceful.

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