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Stump Pond


A long, leisurely path in Blydenburgh County Park.  Very pretty.

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Photos of Stump Pond.

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  1. Ariel Schwartz says:

    I went to Blydenburgh County Park. It was really cool. There were two lots-one on the south side at NY347 and a north lot near NY25. There’s a nice lake there called Stump Pond. The LI Greenbelt Trail (white blazes) runs through the park, and there’s a campsite at the south end of the park for people who want to backpack the trail. The Greenbelt runs along the north side of Stump Pond (which by the way is LI’s 2nd biggest lake). Then there’s the Stump Pond Trail (blue blazes), which starts and ends at the Greenbelt and loops around the west and east sides of the pond and goes to the campsite at the south end. You can make a 5-mile loop around Stump Pond using the Greenbelt and Stump Pond Trails. The west side of Stump Pond is maybe a little easier than the east side and more scenic. Along the hike, you can see the Blydenburgh-Weld House as well as an old mill along the Greenbelt Trail on the north side. The west side of the Stump Pond Trail had great views of the pond as well as scenic brook crossings. The east side of the trail isn’t marked very well. It goes through a wetland near the pond, which can get very marshy, but it parallels a bridle path you can use as an alternative. Along the west side, they made a boardwalk for the Stump Pond Trail, which eliminated a road-walk you had to use a few years ago.
    Blydenburgh is a really cool park. It doesn’t matter if you park on the north side or south side, because you could still see all the park has to offer in just a few hours.

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